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Designing high-quality software solutions for over 20 years.

Particularly effective in finding that crossover point between the ideal solution and the quickest solution where the practical solution resides.


Video Security

  • Video Recording
  • Video Streaming
  • Video Compression
  • Content management
  • Video Analytics
  • System engineering

Medical Documentation and Records

  • Productivity Analysis
  • Employee Evaluation Tracking
  • Feature additions to open systems

Information Technologies

  • Network Protocol Tools
  • Website Design
  • Custom Web Browsers


  • Video Production and Analysis
  • Scorekeeping, Stats and Analysis
  • Game Scheduling


  • Point of Sale
  • Inventory
  • Integration of data with video

Personal Applications

  • Just tell me what you need your laptop, desktop, tablet or phone to do



upAllnite software is just a catchy branding for the software products I have created over the years. It definately reflects the hyper-focus I can place on a project once I sink my teeth into it.

Solutions Toolbox

Technical Proficiency:

  • Android application design and implementation.
  • iOS application design and implementation.
  • Multi-threaded high availability system and feature design.
  • Expert C, C++, C#, Objective-C, Java, and assembly coder. 
  • Video compression technologies including MPG1, MPG2, MPG4, JPEG, H264 and wavelet based implementations.
  • Network protocols including RTSP, RTP, RPC, FTP, HTTP, UDP, TCP/IP and Multicast.
  • Serial protocols for device communication.
  • Database engines including SQL, Informix, MySQL.
  • Fundamental electronics theories and x86-x64 PC component structure.
  • Addressing and interconnect operation of embedded systems.
  • Web solution development with ASP.NET and Java scripting.

Prior Art

*         Walkout Song DJ:  iOS application to configure and play walkout song segments for softball and baseball games.

*         Packet NVR Video Player:  RTSP video control for playback of live and recorded video.

*         NetVideo Device Manager: Consulting tool to test performance of IP cameras.

*         upAllnite Chess: Online chess client with AI hint and mistake warning.

*         ONVIF video streaming control: Standards Tool to verify ONVIF compliance.

*         upAllnite HDVR: Software based PC video recorder for HD set top boxes.

*         upAllnite HD Video Editor:  Frame accurate clip and merge tool for H264 and MPG4 video.

*         BHH Productivity: Nurse productivity calculator using import from third party healthcare system.

*         Audio Normalizer Filter: Directx filter to normalize volume of audio playback.

*         BHH Evaluation: Customizable employee evaluation generator.

*         Back 'N Saver: Windows background and screen saver image manager.

*         Kylon's World: Multi-user bulletin board modem game.

*         HomeRun Pizza System: Multi-user POS restaurant database system.

*         NT Pipe: Console to dumb terminal async driver for Windows NT.

*         FTP Proxy Pro: Internet FTP proxy client.

Contact Info

Joe Vidunas

Examples of my work and professional references are available on request.
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