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General Discussion / Re: File not Found Error
« Last post by UpAllnite Software on March 24, 2019, 07:18:58 pm »
Just to wrap up this conversation... the file not found error with Apple music songs was an issue with songs added from a playlist that had not been added to the itunes library individually.  I found a workaround for this issue and released it in version 2.5.11.  I also found a way to allow mixing of Apple music songs.  That feature was also included in this latest release.
General Discussion / Re: Question that has probably already been asked
« Last post by UpAllnite Software on March 24, 2019, 12:33:26 pm »
Yes, you can play songs on all pages from any start point you want...

Tap the arrow to the right of the player or song row to bring up the song configuration.  Set the 'cue' time to where you want the song to start.  You can set the cue time by using the plus and minus buttons, dragging the digits up or down, or by playing the song to where you want and tapping the button with the open bracket on it - '['
General Discussion / Question that has probably already been asked
« Last post by Wendidawn08 on March 24, 2019, 10:33:23 am »
Is there a way to have the app play songs at different parts of the song and not just the beginning. Sorry of this has been asked before. I searched and couldn't find an answer
I use it to do the welcome announcement, thanking sponsors, etc.  currently I record using another app and convert to mp3.
Issue Reporting / Re: Ping
« Last post by UpAllnite Software on March 22, 2019, 12:19:48 pm »
Honestly...  if you could see the layers of instability Apple introduces between the device and the bluetooth speaker you would have zero confidence for game day.   The long aux cable is the way to go!
Issue Reporting / Re: Ping
« Last post by onychopagist on March 22, 2019, 12:16:02 pm »
Noticed this problem a few weekends ago.  Loud ping before and after each walk up song and inning break songs.  OK so we have the same speaker, I connected to my Bose speaker and there was no ping.  I didn't notice last year because I just started apple music and had already purchase all the walk-up songs.  I couldn't figure out how to export import change files by tomorrow.  So I got an aux cord and plugged it in went through all of it and no ping!  It's the big bad loud speaker, which I have yet to find any help on that end.  I have a temporary fix until I can contact them anyway.  The girls didn't even notice the ping!  ;D
There are a few bluetooth speakers that don't get along well with iOS 12 and mixed audio sources.  I expect this will be fixed in iOS 13, but in the meantime you will probably just need to use a long aux cord to your speaker rather than bluetooth.
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions / Re: Pregame
« Last post by UpAllnite Software on March 19, 2019, 10:14:28 am »
This was found to be a bug in the Android version of the app and has been fixed in release 2.5.10 which should be available in the Google play store today. 

Thanks for reporting the issue!
Release Notes / New beta version 2.5.11 for iOS devices
« Last post by UpAllnite Software on March 19, 2019, 05:18:46 am »
There is a new beta version 2.5.11 of Walkout Song DJ for Apple devices available today 3/19/19.

The primary feature of the beta is support for mixing Apple Music songs with announcements. For Apple music subscription songs, the playback interface from Apple is very limited and required a more complex approach.  I think I have most of the kinks worked out on that and a beta is finally ready.  Message me your email address here or on facebook if you would like to participate. 

The only known issue with the mixing feature beta is some muting of the announcement on a small number of bluetooth devices combined with iOS 12.  The feature is not workable with those devices unless you use a long aux cable rather than bluetooth.
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions / Apple Music file not found error
« Last post by UpAllnite Software on March 18, 2019, 09:00:32 pm »
To those using the iOS version with Apple Music and getting file not found errors shortly after adding a song to Walkout Songs...  there was a bug in the app that prevented location of Apple Music songs picked from playlists that were never added to the iTunes library individually.  This is now fixed in version 2.5.11 and released to the app store today 3/20/19.  I do use phased release with updates over 7 days, so you may need to search for the app in the appstore and manually get the update if you need it quicker.
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